Elegant Candy Swirlstix Arrangements



 Centerpieces for the Event

This Arrangement makes a lovely Centerpiece with a Candy Favor for each guest!
Party or Event Centerpieces 
7 1/2" Elegant Swirlstix, Personalized Tags, Satin Bows, Vase & Filler
Square Vase holds  10 - 16 Elegant Swirlstix

 Centerpiece with Satin Bows:
 Elegant Swirlstix  
 containers available: Square glass Vase   Round Glass Vase   Baskebox     White Acrylic Vase
Elegant Filler 
Tulle Bow
Personalized Tag of your choice


 Individual Bouquet
To send an Individual Bouquet for any special occasion  

 call for pricing minimum 16 Swirlstix per Vase

candy spirit .75 oz. Swirlstix in stock

These Arrangements makes a lovely Candy Centerpiece OR Candy Bouquet with a Candy Favor for each guest!


 candy only:

We can do almost any color combination - just call & we can design an arrangement in your theme & colors
phone 1-866-297-1989 or email:  for quotes

 our gourmets are enhanced with clear cello bags and silver metallic twist ties that are elegantly appropriate for your special occasion 


click on buttons below to click on area of interest and then click on black button for designs to pick from: