Lovely Personalized Candy Couture       pretty designs on delicious USA made candies...

Janine Lea Swan, artist
C A N D Y  S P I R I T

USA Gourmet & Imported Candies - for elegant occasions - we ship all over the world
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Centerpiece & Favors all in one!
   simply sweet centerpiece   
Centerpieces play an important role at any event.  
Our  centerpieces become the focal point of each table and the ‘center’ of your party
 as well as offering
your guests a delicious sweet treat when the party is over. 
 All candies are wrapped in clear cello packages that very easily pop in to vases of any size..  

    simply sweet centerpiece $17.00 complete

row 1.  candy sticks, tags & organza centerpiece 

 candy sticks, tags & organza centerpiece 

candy sticks, tags, table card & organza centerpiece 

  row 2. candy sticks, tags & satin centerpiece 

candy sticks, tags & organza centerpiece 

lollipops, labels & bows centerpiece 

 row 3. candy sticks  & organza centerpiece 

candy sticks , table card & organza centerpiece 

candy sticks  & organza centerpiece 


 candy sticks, lollipops  & bows centerpiece baby shower


 row 5. candy sticks, tags  & curly ribbons centerpiece 

theme birthday

 candy sticks, tags  & ribbons  centerpiece wedding 

  candy sticks, cards & vase ribbon  centerpiece 
organza streamers - wedding

candy centerpieces

 row 8. blue sticks, tags  & satin bows  centerpiece
sweet 16

   swirl lollipops, tags  & satin bows  centerpiece
in a bud vase - wedding 

  swirl lollipops favor, tags  & satin bows

  row 11.   3" White Hard Candy or Chocolate Lolli & Lolli Adornments

8.   3" White Lollipops - White Hard Candy  


9.  2" White Lollipops White Hard Candy  

  10.  3" white gourmet Lolli's & scallop design

34.  White Hard Candy

12.  3" white gourmet Lolli's

12A.  Candy Swirlstix

12B.  Candy Swirlstix

12C. Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

19A.   formal white - add tulle to back lolli's

17.    Nine 3 inch white gourmet lolli's
White Hard Candy or Chocolate

21.  Candy Swir;stix with
pom pom bows


24.  Candy Swirlstix

25.   White Hard Candy or Chocolate

26.   Blueberry Candy Sticks - Nautical Theme

 Ileana's Disco  London, England 

  26b.  Candy Elegance Lollipops 

26C.  4" Lolli's White Hard Candy  

27.  Candy Swirlstix

31.  White Hard Candy or Chocolate

33.   White Hard Candy

centerpiece arrangements

35.  White Hard Candy

36.  White Hard Candy

37.  White Hard Candy

38.  Candy Swirlstix

43.  Candy Swirlstix

40.  Large Chocolate Bars


50D.  White Hard Candy or Chocolate

50E.   Art Design

as a Table Favor White Hard Candy or Chocolate

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candy bouquet


candy bouquet