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If you are not ready to order phone or email us    713-249-2781



You can either phone your order in, or send it to us by fax, mail or email.
If you have questions and are not ready to order - send us what you like email us @
and we can work up a quote for you.

We are open 9AM to 5PM  (Texas) Central Standard Time Monday thru Friday
Saturday 9AM-3PM
Email communications  24/7.
Please email or phone for exact time required to produce your order.

Ready to Order:  For phone in orders:
1.   Call us at 713-249-2781 or email us at and we will be glad to call you.
2.   Our customer service artist will help you with an order and make suggestions on other related products and how we can add your the colors you want to most of our designs at no extra cost to you!
3.   Customers will email invite text and names to be personalized to eliminate mistakes. 

Since most of our orders use custom art and are personalized, we do not offer on-line ordering
Please use ordering instructions below: 
Minimum order is $50.00 + shipping costs
Please allow 1 to 2 weeks  plus shipping on non rush orders once art is approved (assuming your candy is in stock)
All designs and photographs and arrangements are under US copyright laws
Copyright 2016 Janine Lea Swan 

Rush orders on an order by order basis minimum $100.00 for rus

Swan Gift Corp /  Candy Spirit
623 Thornwood Dr.
Shenandoah, Texas  77381

 v a s e s  a r e  u s us a l l y s u p p l i e d  w i t h  o u r  s u g g e s t i o n s  o f  p l a c e s  t o  p u r c h a s e  t h e m  l o c a l  t o  t h e i r  s t a t e.
Schedule your parties favor early!  Reserve your candy  

For email questions of quotes:
1.   When emailing give the item or items wanted, how many & date needed.  Be sure and put your address with state and zip code so we know where we will be shipping to.  We can then type a quote and send back to you for your review.
For mail in orders:
1.  Print out the order sheet and fill it in with the products you want.
2.  Print clearly and put your email address in the space provided. 
3.  Payment can be by Check (mailed to us), PayPal, Western Union or Money Order.   
4.  Then mail it to us at:
       Swan Gift Corp. /  Candy Spirit
      623 Thornwood Dr.  
      Shenandoah, Texas 77381
5.  We will email you when your order and payment is received and give a tentative shipping date.
For email orders:
1.  Your can either type your order into an email and send it to us at:
2.  You can print out the order sheet and fill it in with the products you want, and then save it as an attachment and email it to us at 
Be sure you get a reply back within an hour or less after placing your order thru email to confirm it- some emails never arrive for various reasons.

If you do not feel safe including your credit card # in the email, our customer service dept. will call you back to get your credit card information.
For RUSH orders:  All orders that need rush production will have 25% added to order and at least an extra $12.50 for rush shipping.  This is for orders that need to be shipped in  less than 2 weeks.  Rush orders needing to shipped in less than 1 week will be accepted only if we have time to process it, and will include a 50% rush charge.  Please keep your order simple with less than 3 items.  Orders must total $100.00 to be accepted as rush.  If needed to ship in under 3 days, if we have time to process it, then a 100% rush charge will be added.  If a rush order is subsequently cancelled, then a rush cancellation charge of at least $25.00 will be deducted from the refund amount.

How long will my order take?
1. All orders (especially personalized) take to print and package anywhere from at least 2 to 3 weeks.  Add on US Priority 2-day Mail or FedEx ground shipping which is 1-5 days, depending on how far you are located from Shenandoah, Texas.  All orders are custom printed for each customer due to color choices and personalizations.  All parts are hand put together with care.    
2.  Allow more processing time on large orders with several different products ordered to be on the safe side.  Please call early for orders - do not wait till a week or two before your event.
3.  We email each customer  after their order is shipped with date shipped and date to be delivered. 


If you need to change a name  or event date etc. or add on more personalized  names and you email us, be sure you get a response back that we received your correction or addition and you get a confirmation that we will make the necessary changes before it goes to print.  Be sure you get an email back from us acknowledging this change or we are not responsible to re-do this order.


 Mistakes or damaged items:
All customers must notify our company of mistakes or if any of the products were damaged in shipment within 24 hours of receipt of products.  If parts are missing or misspelled (your mistake or ours) or broken, we only ship regular US Mail to replace those items.  If you need it faster (in less than 6 working days) because of an event, you will need to pay rush production fees and whatever the rush shipping costs are.  If you wait longer than 24 hours to notify us, we will not be obligated to replace/repair the missing or broken items.  If your order is for elegant lollipops and any of them are received broken, the  customer will receive a refund on  the lollipop price only.  Please report this to us within 24 hours of receiving your order.

If you order vases and they arrive broken.  When we initially ship the vases to you, we will carefully pack them in well padded shipping boxes and bubble wrap each vase separately, but
we cannot guarantee that the shipping company will not be "rough" with the boxes and some vases might arrive broken.  It will be up to the customer to provide us with documentation on the breakage and when we receive that documentation, we will initiate the process to get a refund from the shipper (usually Federal Express).  This may take several weeks to get fully processed and a refund back to you.  We will give you the name of our supplier and you can go directly to their store  and buy your replacement vases.


Art designs approved by customer:  
Your personalized art design is sent via email to you for approval only after you order is placed, finalized and payment is received.  We send art for approval (when we have told you we will---not always necessary to do so) within 2-5 business days via email.  If you do not receive the art via email (sometimes your email provider blocks all emails with graphics in them)  -  it is up to each customer 1) to review your art on our website or 2) get back to us via email or phone that you have not reviewed your artwork.  If your order is within 5 days to ship and you have not approved it, we will print it as is.  We also put the art design in the appropriate place you found it on our website for you to review in case you did not get it by email or if our email was blocked by your email provider.

Changing Art Designs:  
We send you the art design you picked out with colors and typestyles for approval - note:  there is no charge for the initial art design.  If you want to change to an entirely new design it will cost $25.00 per each new design, to create a new art, due to the time the artist spends on each new art. 
On the initial art design, the customer may make changes in colors or typestyles, etc. at no extra charge. If you change anything about your art design after approval and before it is printed be sure and phone us with the change - or be sure you get an email back from us of the change.
Add Ons:
If you forget and need one or two more items - we can only fill this as a regular order- you must order the minimums and we will need 2 weeks for this.  No rush orders out on "fill ins."   Sorry, but our schedule is very tight and we do not have the extra time to do a few items in a rush fashion.  Order early, order extras and check your lists to not forget anyone.  Many of our customers order extra items just for that reason.

Charge for reducing orders:  
If your order has already been billed and you later decide you want less of the items, we will go ahead and credit you back for the difference, but a $10.00 credit card transaction fee will be deducted from the refund as our cost to reprocess the card again.  

Cancelled orders:
A customer cannot cancel an order and return the products after he has received it.  We do no accept returns for any of our products unless 1) we shipped you the wrong products, 2) the majority of the items arrived broken (we will refund you for them), or 3) the products arrived after the date of your event.  A customer can't return any items from his order because he now does not like or want or need them anymore.

Orders cancelled before the artwork has been done and sent to the customer, will get a full refund, less the reprocessing fee referred to above.  Orders cancelled after the artwork has been done and sent to the customer will have $50 deducted from the refund amount if there is a custom art done it is $75.00 per each art design created just for you, as we do not have an art charge to design this.  For orders subsequently cancelled where the artist worked more than the normal 1 to 2 hours preparing the art, the customer will be charged for the artist's actual time spent.  Preparing the art and sending it to the customer for review can take several hours of our artist's time.    We do not have a set-up charge or art charge or color wash charge as most companies do, but we do charge for the art design if the order is cancelled after the art has been designed, emailed and/or put up on our website for the customer's viewing.  For large orders over $500 that are subsequently cancelled, 25 to 50% will be deducted for actual amount of time spent, extra packagers assigned for those packaging days and supplies ordered in advance, especially for rush orders.  Orders without art work that are subsequently cancelled will have a 20% charge deducted from the refund amount due to supplies ordered, packaging in process and credit card fees --  and if it is cancelled less than 10 days prior to our ship date, a 50% charge will be deducted.  If samples, ribbons, special designs are made up and mailed, and the order is subsequently cancelled, $25 will be  deducted from the refund for the artist's time spent in preparing and sending those samples.

International orders:
For all international orders, the order total must be at least $150 US. (orders shipping to locations outside the US).  Import duties, if any, are the responsibility of the customer.  Any problems with the delivery of the order due to the local country's mail service, customs agency, or for any other reason not due to our negligence, are the responsibility of the customer.  This means there will be no refunds given by us unless the order was printed and processed incorrectly.  Payment for all international orders will need to be made by either PayPal or WesternUnion.

Please note that once packages have left our facility, we are not responsible for lost or stolen goods. If the shipping company has documentation that a package was delivered, Candy Spirit can not be held liable.  Also, if your package is delayed by "Acts of God,"  (also called "force majure"), we are not responsible.