IM P R I N T E D   E L E G A N C E   I N   P L A C E  C A R D S


  Lovely Personalized Place Cards & Candy Sticks:  

place cards flat with bitty gums $1.00 each  fold over tent style $1.25 each
add $1.00 to fully personalize the guests names

     Lovely & Grande Personalized Place Cards & Spiral Sticks:  


  CUSTOM MATCH! Place Cards & Table Cards Prices:  

  Table Cards:    4" X  6"  $5.00 (front and back)  + $.25 for stake
Place card and gum ball sticks $1.50 each



place cards size: 3 1/2" x 2"  ANY COLORS!






table cards

D E M I   D O T   E V E N T

place cards
place cards

E L E G A N T   S T R I P E S

D E M I   Z E B R A   E L E G A N C E



ndy wWedding candy card

    candy wWedding candy card

 or wedding