Fanciest Swirling Designer Candy sticks.....pretty designs on delicious candies...


Janine Lea Swan, artist
C A N D Y  S P I R I T

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black cherry: brown and light pink
cinnamon: red & white

bubblegum: bright pink & white
  orange: orange & white
cherry rainbow: bright pastel colors
tropical fruit: green yellow pink
sour apple: green & light green
watermelon: green & bright pink
bubblegum: bright pink & white
pina colada: pink & yellow
pink lemonade: light pink & yellow

sour apple: green & light green
sour grape: blue green yellow
blueberry: blue white
blue raspberry: blue lavender black
 mint: black and white  stripe custom  
cotton candy: turquoise lavender pink




Pick a design & colors & let our artist match the candy swirlstix for a most beautiful arrangement!

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 personalized candy

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