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   Fanciest Swirling Elegant Lollipop
pretty designs on delicious candies...

D E L I C I O U S L Y  C O L O R  M A T C H I N G  Y O U R  E V E N T


Janine Lea Swan, artist
C A N D Y  S P I R I T

S I M P L Y  S W E E T  E L E G A N T  L O L L I P O P S  &  C A N D Y  S T I C K S


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 1 oz  2 1/2" Elegant Lollipop flavors available: ask about our new flavors for 2010





Our 7 natural elegant lollipops --  only the 2 1/2" size is available - (pictured above) come with no artificial flavors or colorings 





 Regular Flavor new for 2008 Tropical Punch (unavailable)  - All Natural Lollipops: - Cherry (pictured) Apple & Grape

elegant lollipops


 Select enclosure card or tags - all elegant lollipops are wrapped up in a clear wrapper

  All Elegant Lollipops may contain traces of milk, eggs, soy, wheat or nuts.

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